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Jacob De La Rose is a Victim of the New Attitude Era

Montreal Canadiens

MONTREAL, QC – MARCH 24: Montreal Canadiens Jacob De La Rose (Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Room on the roster forced the Montreal Canadiens to place Jacob de la Rose on waivers, but perhaps it was his attitude that made him expendable.

Jacob De La Rose was claimed off of waivers by the Detroit Red Wings, and many are not surprised. The former second-round pick of the Montreal Canadiens has all the tools to make it as an NHL player. He has size, he can skate, is strong defensively, and he has a great flow — some good hockey hair on JDLR.

Although he plays a position, centre, which the Habs have struggled to fill over the years, it was deemed by the club that JDLR was expendable. JDLR was the redshirt of the Montreal Canadiens.

What made JDLR expendable? Even his defensive prowess, something head coach Claude Julien covets, was not enough to save him. He has an affordable contract and is still young. Although he seems to have several good qualities for an NHL player, one thing he lacked was offensive ability.

Whenever JDLR got the puck in the offensive zone, he seemed to want to get rid of it as quickly as possible just to get back to playing defensive hockey. His shooting ability was about as effective as Carl Weathers shooting when his arm got shot off in Predator.

However, was it only his lack of offensive creativity that brought an end to him wearing the bleu, blanc, et rouge? Quite simply, no.

The past off-season saw Marc Bergevin bring in other players who essentially are better than JDLR. However, in addition to his offensive shortcomings and being pushed further down the depth chart, I feel the biggest factor in JDLR no longer being a Canadien is his attitude.

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