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Can Carey Price still carry the Montreal Canadiens? – The Athletic

Everybody knows the tune: the Canadiens will go precisely as far as Carey Price is willing and able to drag them. It’s the central constraint of Marc Bergevin’s plan, and the reason why the team is attempting to rebuild on the fly while trying to remain competitive – just in case Price decides to plunk the team on his shoulders.

But the question is worth asking: is Carey Price still able to heft that weight?

The answer to that question quickly stubs its toe on a problem related to interpretation. Two performance indicators are traditionally invoked in evaluating goaltenders: goals allowed per game and save percentage. However, both these metrics are problematic and tend not to do justice to Price’s impact on a game.

Goals allowed presumes that all netminders face a similar number of shots per game. Except that over the past four years we’ve seen teams allow between 25 (the 2016 L.A. Kings) and 35 (your 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres, ladies and…

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